Streetstyle Anna: ‚I’m headed towards my dreams!‘

Diese wirklich über die Maßen lovely Lady hat mich vor ein paar Monaten auf einem Event angesprochen, was bin ich froh, dass sie das gemacht hat! Über Insta hatten wir schon hin und hergeliked, aber jemanden in echt zu treffen ist natürlich viel schöner. Ich sag euch eins, Anna ist ein ray of sunshine und hat eine krasse Energie, aber lernt sie selbst kennen. Voilà und viel Spaß mit Anna Zlobenko bzw. ANN-Á-PORTER, die wir zusammen mit ihrer Tochter im Prenzlauer Berg an einem sonnigen Sonntagnachmittag getroffen haben.

Anna ist Ukrainerin und möchte euch auf den Masha Fund aufmerksam machen, eine Organisation, die sich um Mütter und Kinder kümmert, die vom Krieg betroffen sind.

What do you do?
I’m a stylist and a content creator at @iamannaporter. I work both as a commercial stylist and a content producer as well as a personal stylist helping women find and shape their personal style. You should check out my creative studio Á STUDIO, my PATREON  and my blog.

What moves you right now?
My job, my family & friends, and my online community. Travelling is also an enormous resource of inspiration to me. 

What moves your children?
My daughter Uma is currently totally moved by her new life at school as well as her drawing classes. Our current trip to Zanzibar has brought her a lot of impressions and energy. It was a dream come true, traveling with the family, and gathering life-long memories.

Where are you coming from right now and where are you headed next?
Right now I’m enjoying seeing my hard work in establishing my personal brand started to pay off. As well as life in Berlin in general. I’ve been living here for 6 years and it finally feels good to be here. Where I’m headed next? Towards my dreams! I’m a passionately driven entrepreneur and I always pursue my passion. I’m headed to discover the world and myself in it, if in general.

Favourite place with your child?
A forest. We love exploring nature together, collecting natural objects and then DIYing with them brings so much joy to both of us. As a family, we love going to a cinema and then having lunch somewhere in Prenzlauer Berg. There are two restaurants we love to go to, Standard Pizza and Preeda both in Mitte. 

A favourite place without your child?
Milan or Paris. Or anywhere in Italy – this is where I travel for a short kid-free escape to get that visual fashion and architecture inspiration and recharge my batteries. And stay in the museums as long as I want to without “moooom I’m tired” in the background 🙂

My fav place to go is Museum Island, specifically Egypt Museum. Afterwards, I love strolling around, stopping by the bookshops, having a coffee at Ben Rahim, and picking up bread at Sofi.

As a stylish parent, I can’t live without…
Changing my outfit two something three times a day haha. But if serious I can’t live without accessories, sunglasses, scarves, and bags. I can pull even the comfiest mom outfit off and make it more elegant and upgraded.

Has parenting changed your style? If so, how?
Both parenting and living in Berlin changed my style. Parenting made it more comfortable, practical and versatile, while Berlin – more daring in a sense of discovering myself from the angles I never knew I had. Both these experiences have shaped my style.

Do you have a favourite style season?
Oh, I adore coats and blazers! and loafers … and accessories.
Autumn and spring are my fav style seasons cause it’s when I can do layering and I love it so much!

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing my fav Ukrainian-inspired pullover from Ami Amalia that gives me strength in these hard times. This pullover was designed and produced by a Romanian luxury knitwear brand Ami Amalia as a special drop to support Ukraine in times of war. As I’m a Ukrainian living abroad this sweater has a special meaning to me and helps me to stay closer to my friends and family. I’m pairing it with my fav Uniqlo coat and a set of two bags and my weekend kicks from Veja.

Alle Fotos: ©KaiSenf 

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