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Today’s (almost) the perfect day to introduce you to the most wonderful label April Showers. Ok, it’s not April and already July, but at least it’s raining … Back in the 1990s the sisters Madelon and Natalie left the Netherlands (including their hometown with its forested hills, polders and delicious Vla) to study and start a new live in beautiful Paris. In 2000 they founded their first label Polder, starting with a handbag collection, which was soon completed by a line of jewellery, clothes and shoes. With pure shapes and a focus on colors, prints and materials they made a name for themselves. Just take a look at their recent lookbook  and you will understand why! When Natalie’s daughter Iris (9) was born, it was somehow also the birth of April Showers by Polders. Beeing a mum, the designer wanted to create kid’s fashion as well and so in 2007 she and her sister founded their second brand. In the meantime Polder and April Showers by Polder have been sold in 300 points of sale all around the world. But the company’s headquarter still remains in Paris, the one and only capital of fashion. We met mother and daughter at the Playtime Paris and just fell in love with the beautiful new April Showers’ collection. And with Natalie’s easygoing outfit, a white overall and a golden top of the Polder collection fall/winter 2015. Interview: Isa Grütering & Claudia Kahnt // Photos: Claudia Kahnt // Text: Natascha Korol
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Camille (28) is a sales representative working for the sneaker label Veja. She just loves her Vejas and wears them all the time – especially know, being seven months pregnant.   “And the baby is going to wear them as well, from the very first day!” she laughs. Speaking of layette – she’s already got all the baby essentials. As she prefers it classic, most of the clothes are from French label Petit Bateau. ”Lots of French mothers dress their babies in Petit Bateau, because the pieces are practical and of good quality.”Another brand she likes very much is Aden & Anais (we introduced the successful founder Reagan Jones on our blog some time ago). Camille is wearing a long Envie de fraise dress with black-and-white stripes - combined with guess what? Yep, Veja sneakers.  She obviously felt comfy in her skin and seemed to be very happy and relaxed. And very French in the meaning of effortlessly chic. As a stylish expectant mum I can’t live without …? Water and make-up. Favorite spot in Paris?  The Bois de Vincennes. Interview: Isa Grütering & Claudia Kahnt // Photos: Claudia Kahnt // Text: Natascha Korol
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Actually we approached Elodie (40), her daughter Leonie (7) and her son Andrea (6) at the Playtime Paris just because we loved the way they dressed like look-alikes. But then Elodie turned out to be a fashion designer. Her latest coup: The recent Cacharel collection. Wohoo! Hats off! So no wonder all their clothes were made by maman, including the lovely kids’ bags. Just two exceptions: Elodie is wearing a Patricia Pepe shirt and the colorful bracelet is her daughter’s creation. Like mother, like daughter, we daresay. All in all both kids were super sweet and so proud of her beautiful and creative maman. Which we totally understand. As a stylish mum I can’t live without …? Skirts. Favorite spot with kids? The old parks in Paris. Favorite spot without kids? The Restaurant at Mama Shelter, which was designed by Philippe Starck.  Interview: Isa Grütering & Claudia Kahnt // Photos: Claudia Kahnt // Text: Natascha Korol
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Summer, where are you now? We really would love to wear our espadrilles without ruining them in the rain. Just like in summer times. Please come back. Espadrilles are our carefree shoes. Bella Italia, dolce far niente, we are at the ocean, the wind blows through our hair and Adriano Celentano sings “Azzurro”. Or South of France, we are in a street café and Zaz is playing in the background. That is what comes in mind when thinking of the magical word “Espadrilles”. And: Mostly they just last for one summer – like a summer love – and therefore we love them even more or maybe because of that? Well, with my current favorites, those pink Cicily von UGG AUSTRALIA (matching the small Céline bag perfectly) it could last a bit longer than just one summer … Those are our favorite espadrilles: 1. Striped espadrilles, Pierre-Louis Mascia // 2. Black slippers, Bronx  at Mirapodo // 3. Espadrilles,  Dolce Gabbana, at My Theresa // 4. Leather espadrilles, Selected Femme // 5. Yeallow “Full Fluo 3″ from Art of Soule at zalando // 6. Golden espadrilles “Chica”, anaki at zalando // 7. Classic slippers, Mirapodo // 8. Colored espadrilles with snake skin print, Best Connections
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Made in Nor-Folk

What to do when you just cant’ find cool clothes for your little son? “Just create your own kids’ collection!” this happy family from Norfolk said – and did it. But let’s start at the beginning. On our last day in Paris we had so many great interviews with mums and entrepreneurs at the Playtime Paris that we ended up totally tired but happy in a shuttle bus to the metro station. When we discovered this lovely trio some seats in front of us we just couldn’t believe our eyes. Earlier that day, they had already attracted our attention at the trade show and we resolved to speak to them when we would ever meet them again. And there we were, in the same shuttle bus – must have been fate! So we pulled ourselves together, said hello and just had the most beautiful final interview ever. Fiona (31), her husband Bobby and Stanley (2) have the perfect work-life balance – they simply stick together all the time. Fiona and Bobby are graphic designers and met six years ago when working for the same agency. Today they run The Click Design and established their own label called Nor-Folk. This January they launched their first kids’ collection. Cute little Stanley is their inspiration as well as their ‘brand ambassador’. And there’s one more thing: Maybe you already know Fiona and follow her on instagram as we do! Of course we were delighted to meet her in person. We also loved her easygoing all black style, the glasses (Prada Man), her top (which is actually a swimsuit) combined with a long pleated skirt (&other stories) and her adidas sneakers. Fiona, as a stylish mum you just can’t live without …? Eye cream. Best spot […]
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Paris with kids

Paris, notre amour! After we had out first petit déjeuner aka croissant and café au lait next to the Hotel du Louvre we met Evi and her kids Hannah (10), Valentin (8) and Liselotte (6) on Boulevard Haussmann.