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  • spielplatz_Berlin_hauptstadtmutti
Usually we end up with our kids on the same playground over and over again. The one right around the corner, and mostly that’s ok. But now during the holidays we have all the time in the world to look around for other great places. Behold, there are awesome playgrounds with interesting concepts and offerings out there – totally worth a little commute. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get inspired to introduce some of these playground’s ideas to the one in your neighborhood!
  • Sofia_breadandbutter_berlin_hauptstadtmutti
There are certainly a lot of eye-catchers at the Bread & Butter, but this day none of them turned our head more than Sofia with her pink bag to printed pants in black, red and gold. Totally worth seven goals, at least. The ballerina, who dances at the Finish National Ballet, is seven months pregnant and came with daughter Adriana (3) and her husband to the Bread & Butter. Her husband works there for Happy Socks and Riviera Shoes. Hence these cool loafers! Soon Sofia’s life will look far less casual: “I want to return to the ballet ten months after my maternal leave, so I have to start training three months after the birth, at the latest. Lots of Yoga, swimming and running ahead of me!” As a stylish mom I can’t live without …? My family  What do you need to be happy? (laughs) Well, at the moment I enjoy painting my nails. As soon as I start dancing again, I won’t be able to do that. Photografie: Jules Villbrandt   Interview: Claudia Kahnt   Text: Yvonne Vávra  
  • walkingthecat_hsm
When Daria was 14 years old, she came from Moscow to Germany in order to dance. Until she was 28 she didn’t miss out on any party in Berlin. Now she’s 33, mother of Ella (3), and owner of the online shop Walking the Cat. We talked about saying goodbye to your life before children, the value of gardening for your relationship, and the hard way back to your old body.
  • Kopenhagen_hsm
When we received the invitation to the international blogger conference THE HIVE we were delightes. And we had a problem: 3 days Copenhagen, including Isa’s birthday … so what do we do with the kids? When we travel alone we are a well-rehearsed team and quite frankly enjoy the time out from mommy duties. But running around with the whole kit and caboodle?